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UCB: The Power Of A Story – The Testimony of Danielle Gault

UCB: The Power Of A Story – The Testimony of Danielle Gault

Testimony of Danielle Gault – Founder of Manna Cards
As featured in UCB – United Christian Broadcasters ‘The Power of Story’

This is the official Testimony of the founder of Manna Cards. ‘The Bible is full of hundreds of stories, whether these are the testimonies of the great prophets, the parables told by Jesus, or eyewitness accounts of what was happening to everyday people. Each story is there for a purpose and many contain eternal, unchanging truths.

Each of us has a story to tell, and that story can, in turn, encourage and inspire others.

When you tell your story, people listen. One of the reasons I believe UCB Radio is so powerful is that it is a way of sharing powerful, life-changing stories across the whole of the UK. And those stories don’t just relate to the storyteller, they also make such a difference to those who hear them.’

– Bob Gass, author of the UCB Word For Today and long-standing partner of UCB

UCB is a charity and we depend on the generosity of our listeners, readers and viewers. By giving £20 you can reach and impact around 25 people through the UCB Word For Today. However you wish to support UCB, every gift really does make a difference.

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Testimony of Faithfulness

  • NM
    August 2, 2017

    I watched your story on the video. The last part really hit home. I have physical problems that I thought where from God to develop my character. You are right. All good things come from God. I been living in a lie.

  • Sophie Cooper
    September 3, 2017

    You are a very brave and glowing young lady. I saw your testimony on UCB and it reminded me of how God can reach into our lives for good. God has healed me of stress and anxiety difficulties and now I am fully well years later. I know that even when life sends us knocks with God’s help and strength it is possible to recover what was lost and gain wisdom. People who don’t yet know God can be helped by your testimony and business.

  • Daphne Browning
    January 4, 2018

    Wow, what a wonderful testimony !! It gives me fresh hope that nothing is impossible with God …

  • Gary North
    February 28, 2019

    I have just listened to your testimony in Dunoon (Scotland) .
    Thank you for coming to our small town and for being brutally honest about your fights with Jesus.. I can completely empathise with this myself. Like you, I genuinely tried to end my life in 2000. ( 60 paracetamol and four bottles of red wine) in complete isolation. Incredibly I woke up 5 hrs later and (drove) to hospital … still not listening, I had so many more battles..

    But Jesus will keep prodding away, protecting when necessary . Our Lord is SO good!. I have a new life! new wife and I play guitar in the worship team at Alan’s church in Dunoon ( having rejected playing the guitar for over thirty years). You mention music sustaining you.. on the WorshipTogether youtube thingy! I am 53 get over it! KXC have a song ‘ With me’ (David’s song) it will help some people… God bless Gary..

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