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You are not forgotten

For a few months now, I have struggled between knowing that God remembers what He has promised for my life and and asking Him “Father, have you forgotten about me?”

I was in church earlier this morning and The Holy Spirit whispered this scripture into my heart, “Then God remembered Noah.” You see, Noah was holding onto a promise, he carried a vision and task that seemed completely impossible! Can you imagine how crazy he must have seemed building an Ark at 98 years old? Have you ever thought about how he must have felt looking out at everything he once held in familiarity all turned into devastation? Can you imagine how hopeless and fearful he must have felt? But he held onto that word, that directive and anchored himself onto the hope that God was faithful! Then one day, Noah woke up and the stormy skies had cleared, the rains stopped and waters subsided! God remembered Noah and moved on his behalf!


Beloved one, God has not forgotten about you! Whatever situation you are looking at right now that looks impossible, or whatever storm you are battling through, know that God has not forgotten about you! Just because all you can see right now are the waters and the darkness, does not mean that God has abandoned you!


Please rest in the truth of these words, just as God did not forget about Noah, He will not forget about you! His timing is not our timing, His ways are not our ways! Sometimes we need to learn how to trust in the process that although nothing makes sense one day it will.


So be at peace dear one, whoever you are and whatever the situation is that you are looking at, rest in the knowledge that God is working it out for you and has not forgotten what He has promised ❤️


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  • Ayumi
    September 28, 2017

    Thank you for your encouragement. A fellow Christian greeting card maker sent me a link of your video testimony, and now I’m here. How faithful Noah was, and how ridiculous it would have seemed to others then! Ah, a tidbit, God told Noah to coat the ark on the outside (which is normal to make it waterproof), but also in the inside as well. I forgot who mentioned this, but he believes this instruction was so that the ark would survive the years, made to be found again! I hope so!

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