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God’s Perfect Timing

God’s Perfect Timing

God's perfect timing

God’s Perfect Timing

God has been talking to me a lot in this season about His perfect timing. I’m not sure about you but I question the timing of God a lot! A whole lot, like usually everyday! Looking back, the greatest struggles of my walk with the Lord are because things aren’t going as fast as I want them to be going! What I have learnt from this is when you try to boot a door down before its meant to open you end up with a stubbed toe and it affects your walk! I was mulling over these few things yesterday as I sat down in our prayer room to ask the Holy Spirit what should I write about to encourage you all for the week ahead when out of no where He said “Draw a new card.”

A few hours later, I’m looking at the first draft of the card, when I suddenly realised I forgot to put the hands on the clock! I kind of laughed at myself thinking, ‘Flips sake Danielle what are you at!?’ but when I showed it to my friends and drew attention to it, I realised just how profound the mistake was!


Accidentally on purpose

While studying today and finalising the design of this card, God continued to talk to me about the concept of time from a Heavenly perspective. You see, we think and analyse things from a human perspective, we like boxes ticked and things in their rightful place. But God is in eternity which is outside our constraints of time. In Heaven, Jesus is the Sun! There is no need to record time by the rotations of the earth around the Sun because Christ is the light of Eternity!  He is Alpha and Omega, the infinite loop of eternal life! Before you were even born, God had already prewritten your book of life and coloured in the illustrations of your dreams, hopes and visions! He set all those promises on your path to build your trust in Him, to create adventure and partnership through the guidance and promptings of the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you and through you to the people around you. Sometimes we are so focused on seeing the ‘hand of God’ that we fail to recognise that His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts and as far as the Heavens are above the earth so are His thoughts above ours!


Traffic lights and stopping stations

On the way home last night from Belfast, I hit every red light the whole way to Carrickfergus! Being the good Christian I am, I praised and worshipped the Lord and thanked Him for traffic systems and road safety mechanisms… Yeah right, I obviously did not do this! But after the fifth or sixth time this happened in a row I started asking the Holy Spirit, ‘ What are you trying to teach me here?’   and He simply said ‘I am teaching you how to wait on my perfect timing.’


You see, Jesus only ever did what the Father told Him to do! He carried many prophecies, in fact He carried the entire mantle of the redemption of mankind singlehandedly fulfilling every prophetic word recorded in the Old Testament! But He could only do that by walking in the perfect timing of His Father’s prewritten plans!  When we come into alignment with the call of God on our lives, we commit to His timing and His ways. The one thing I know about God is that He doesn’t always give you a time and a date when He’s going to fulfil something He has promised to give you, Acts 1:7 says “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.”


We have to be ok with the missing hands on the clock of our own lives, because we don’t see all the cogs He is turning in the background to bring it into the fullness of His perfect harmony and creation. All our times are in His hands, all He is asking us to do is trust Him! He is sovereign over all things in our life, He is working everything around for good because He knows the beginning from the end and all His ways are perfect! 


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God's Perfect Timing


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