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Missionary Reggie Van Dinter – Answering The Call Of God – Nov/Dec 2017 Update

Missionary Reggie Van Dinter – Answering The Call Of God – Nov/Dec 2017 Update


The Manna Team With Missionary Reggie & Pastor Wim

Reggie Van Dinter: A Man Truly After Gods Own Heart

Here at Manna we firmly believe in the principal of sewing into other peoples walk and call with God financially as so many have sewn into our journey with Manna. With that in mind, it is a great honour to introduce you all to one of the missionaries we sponsor as a company and a great friend and brother in the Lord: Mr Reggie Van Dinter!

Reggie is originally from Holland and is a bold evangelist! We’ve actually witnessed him preaching in the middle of streets, shopping centres, buses, trains, trams – you name it! We’ve seen him leading many people to salvation and watched the Holy Spirit mightily at work through him transforming lives, healing diseases and being set free with the truth. 

Reggie has literally sold everything he owns, left his home, family and country to follow the call of God on his life in the UK. As you read through his update, please prayerfully consider partnering with him financially as he is completely living in faith and is totally sold out for Jesus! (Quite literally!) 


Missionary Reggie Van Dinter

Reggie & Angela

Answering The Call

I’ve been in England for over 2 month’s now and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges etc, but i have overcome. It’s been quite a journey so far and i’m really enjoying it.

I’ve had a little challenge with finding a place to live and arranging other practical stuff like getting a bank account, national insurance number etc etc…But all is arranged now. I have a lovely place to live in Swinton as a house guest at the home of a very kind and generous charismatic Methodist couple who decided to give me a room. Though I really love this country, it’s very cold most of the time at the moment.

It’s been a massive change for me to move over to England, but i answered the call of God on my life to go and move my life over to Manchester just over 2 month’s ago.


School Of Ministry

School is going well and internship is full on! All the lectures during this semester at United school of Ministry Manchester are amazing and my faith has been challenged and also stretched.

To start with, we looked at the story of salvation in the first couple of weeks. We also went a weekend away to Cefn Lea in Wales with our whole class and it was great. During this little weekend away we had a chance to get to know each more and build friendships with one another.

The internship is quite intensive, however it has been good for me. Some of the things i’m doing during my internship are:

– Doing kids & cake for babies and toddlers.
Here i’m involved in setting everything up before all the kids come and having a chance to speak with muslim parents.

– Doing kids club on the Thursday’s on a Church of England primary school.

– Friday’s involved in doing homeless outreach

Also within my local church in Swinton where i’m officially based as an intern i’m involved as assistant youth pastor next to my lovely girlfriend Angela who’s voluntary youth pastor at this church for 2 years. Also we’ve been involved in doing outreach in our local community. So far this is what i’m doing in my internship time.


Reggie and Angela

Other News & Updates!

In meantime whilst i’m doing my school and internship, i also have a few more things in the pipeline. I’m planning on picking up songwriting again and hopefully being able produce a mini-album at some point and together with my girlfriend we have plans together to start a community cafe. You will be hearing much more about this and other projects in the coming month’s.

It has become abundantly clear to us that we are in a spiritual battle and my girlfriend and I have faced many challenges in the last month’s of different proportions. That being said, I cannot stress enough how important your prayers are for us. Especially as we embark on a new season.



How can you help us?

Missionary Reggie Van Dinter

Missionaries In Manchester

I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support. I wouldn’t be able to do all this without you, even though God is faithful and provides all of our needs.

As you are aware Great Britain is a mission field all of its own, and in many ways needs the gospel sharing from scratch and re-evangelizing all over again. I believe that God has sent me to England to be a missionary together with my British girlfriend Angela Thompson who has a similar call to me in evangelism and seeing the youth of Europe revived.

Therefore  we would love to give you the opportunity to sow into what we are doing here by prayerfully considering to support me Reggie van Dinter in some way financially, you will find the details below of my Dutch and English bank accounts below.

It is a pleasure to share our latest news and journey with you. We hope you will keep in touch and in turn we would love to hear about what God is doing in your lives. Feel free to drop us a line with your stories and testimonies and we will take a look.


Blessings on behalf of Reggie and Angela!


To partner with Reggie on a monthly basis, please email:  or to make a one of donation, please use the form below!


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