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Cultivating courage | Facing your fears

Breaking the 'perfection' mould Ever had one of those weeks where you think, this couldn't possibly get any worse, then the week after it does, on an unprecedented scale? Over the last four weeks, I have been really aware that fear and anxiety have steadily been trying to...

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Embracing the Wait – Prophetic Words and Vegetable seeds

Prophetic Words and Vegetable Seeds Towards the end of the summer, I developed a slight obsession with planting seeds and gardening! I planted all different types of vegetables and herbs in our garden without actually paying much attention to the instructions about the timings of their individual...

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UCB: The Power Of A Story – The Testimony of Danielle Gault Testimony of Danielle Gault - Founder of Manna Cards As featured in UCB - United Christian Broadcasters 'The Power of Story' This is the official Testimony of the founder of Manna Cards. ‘The Bible is full of hundreds of stories, whether these are the testimonies of the...

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Called To Belong – The Inner Longing For Eternity

Called To Belong - The Inner Longing For Eternity Belonging - it's not something you really think about and yet it is the one issue the human heart wrestles with daily. My whole life, I was always trying to belong to something or to someone. To belong somewhere...

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Furnace and Fortitude – Trusting God in your Trials

Trusting God in the midst of your trials The words furnace and fortitude have encircled my mind all week! I shared last week in “Disappointment and broken windscreens” of how difficult this season has been for me. It has been full of trials, disappointment, despair, worries, fears...

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Disappointment and broken windscreens

This week I noticed a chip in my windscreen. At first I thought it was dirt, but after a few days a little crack started to form. As the days went on, it grew in size and started to curve across the screen and I,...

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Heavens Finest – You are worth it

Maybe it’s a Northern Irish thing, but I have always struggled to justify spending money on myself, like i'm not worth the money! I have no issues giving or spending money on other people but somehow when it comes to myself I almost recoil at the...

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Doing the Dishes with Jehova Jireh

Life is full of mundane, repetitive activities… But God has this amazing way of dropping into these moments and making them ‘extra’ ordinary. For some reason, God keeps talking to me lately while I'm doing the dishes, maybe its because I'm being quiet and not...

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Placing your Heart on the Altar of God

Just before I left for Germany last week, I was listening to a song by Chris Mcclarney and I was drawn into the lyrics, 'Our God is an all consuming fire' [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed] As I listened to the song, I was drawn into a vision where...

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Birthing the Promises of God

God has many, many names, all of which are recorded in scripture unveiling different facets of His personality and character. For the purposes of this blog entry, I want to refer to God as ‘The Creator,’ because since the very beginning of time, God has...

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Learning to love without condition

What does it mean to Love without condition? We have often heard the phrase ‘God’s unconditional love’ or ‘God loves you unconditionally,’ well what does that mean? Google tells me that it means to love without conditions or limitations, but what does God say? The Bible...

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The Blessing of Familiarity

Four months ago today, on the way home from church, Jesus spoke to me about my love for tea and asked me to lay it down in the pursuit of finding more of Him in my everyday life. This may sound silly to you but...

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I am Unqualified

For those of you who don't know me, I am totally unqualified In everything God is currently doing through me. I have a degree in environmental science (after going to uni to study earth and evolutionary sciences to prove to my mum that she was...

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Do Things That Make You Happy

Actively invest in doing things that make you happy! Learning to love myself has been a VERY challenging task but investing time doing little things I really enjoy, like sitting by the sea with a maud's and a book all seek to remove the false...

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